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Va de nuevo

8 Oct

Pues para retomar este espacio, tan largamente abandonado,  y para presentar en sociedad su nuevo rostro. Les dejo esta entrada sobre el flogisto, sustancia que se pensaba, a fines del siglo XVII, era la responsable de la posibilidad combustible de las cosas.

La foto es de mi autoría, el poema, tristemente, no.

Espero que cuente este blog con el flogisto suficiente, para encender las sensibilidades reflexivas o emocionales de todos ustedes. Salud!






I wonder if phlogiston theorists

were lovers, if it began when they

were set off, like the brown grass


on the hills a little north of here.

It takes so little, a touch, to burn.

They had it right, sly Becher


and Stahl, the principle is fire.

Wood, coal, and lovers, and metal

too are rich in it, it’s what’s


expelled in a flame. And the stuff

left behind, spent ashes (and they

were right too in the slow burn


of rust) is emptied, lax, the head

of a long untuned drum. An inconstant

agent at the heart of this plausible


theory, sometimes free, sometimes

much combined with the base, antsy

to move out, but often held, dearly.


Its loosing can banish weight, as you

coming on me, do. It can add stones,

the thought this consuming day will end.


Roald Hoffmann